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Specialist Sectors

Through a combination of experience and legal skills available within our team, McAlister Family Law are able to offer specific services for the specialist sectors in which we work. Our highly talented and professional lawyers can offer the advice necessary to look after individual Child and Family Law needs.

McAlister Family Law is a niche family and children law practice based in London, Manchester and Cheshire.  We boast not only a specialist divorce and finance team but also a Child Law division which represent not only parents but also children. Our solicitors boast a range of specialist legal accreditations which confirms our position as the market leader in Family and Child Law services. 

Our Specialist Sectors Services

Police Divorce Overview

McAlister Family Law is the country’s leading provider of police divorce and family services.  Whether you are facing divorce and are worried about the impact on your pension or are seeking contact with your children or any other Family Law dispute, we are here to help.

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NCOA Divorce and Children Law

McAlister Family Law has unrivalled experience in representing members of the NCOA. Managing partner, Amanda McAlister, first began working with the NCOA in 2013 and has since then gone on to be the lead expert in NCOA divorce and children law cases 

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Divorce and Separation for Jewish Couples

McAlister Family Law has over 35 years of experience in advising Jewish couples who are facing divorce or separation. Liz Cowell, herself a member of the community, has experience in working with the Beth Din for many couples some of whom have been members of the Chardi community. 

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Farms and Divorce

If you have a farm and are divorcing you are likely to be very concerned about the impact that the divorce will have on your farm. The farm may have been in your family for several generations, with other members of your family being involved in the farm.

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All about

our specialist sectors

Over the years, we have developed specialist knowledge in several niche sectors including the police, military, family businesses and Jewish divorces.


Police divorce and Children Law

McAlister Family Law is home to the country’s leading police divorce and children law team.Managing partner Amanda McAlister was the first family law solicitor to recognise that police officers often get a raw deal in the courts, so she built and trained a specialist team dedicated to ensuring that police officers get the best possible representation.Amanda headed the family teams at Gorvins, Russell Jones and Walker and Slater and Gordon Lawyers before going on to up her own specialist practice.

The McAlister team are fully versed in all aspects of Police Family Law including pensions and divorce, shift patterns and child contact.


National Crime Officers Association (NCOA)

McAlister Family Law is a preferred service partner of the NCOA and have been working with the organisation since its creation.We are fully aware of the journey that many NCO officers have undertaken both in terms of their change of career and pension changes.We know that many officers work outside of the UK and that confidentiality is key.


Military divorce and Children Law

Legally, military personnel who are getting divorced are no different than anyone else, so the procedural process is the same. However, if you are in the military or are a military spouse, there are some additional factors that can affect your divorce and it is therefore imperative that you seek advice from a specialist family lawyer.

The McAlister Family Law team have unrivalled experience in military pensions and divorce and have represented personnel of all ranks in the Army, Navy and RAF.


Jewish divorce and children law

If you are Jewish and you want to remarry within the Jewish faith you will need a Get as well as a civil divorce. The highly respected Liz Cowell specialises in Jewish divorce and can provide you with expert advice to ensure that you can move forward to happier times.


Family businesses and divorce

Businesses form part of the assets to be shared on divorce and are a central part of financial proceedings and discussions on divorce. Valuing business interests is extremely difficult. Sometimes there is an unrealistic emphasis put on the value of the business when dividing up the family assets. This can lead to a multitude of problems, so it is paramount you seek the advice of an expert early in the divorce process. The McAlister Family Law team have vast amounts of experience in representing both the owners and spouses of family business and as such regularly receive referrals from commercial law firms, accountants and tax advisors.


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