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McAlister Family Law is home to one of the leading Children Law teams in the country. Many firms say they specialise in this delicate and often emotional area of the law, but in truth have neither the in- house expertise nor accreditations to advise appropriately. We do. McAlister Family Law has a dedicated Children Law department, offering you years of experience in advising and representing parents, children, grandparents and step-parents; we are known as leaders in this field. Our solicitors are both Resolution and Law Society Accredited Children Law specialists and advise not only in relation to disputes in the United Kingdom but also in those with an international element.

As a firm, we are passionate about the welfare of children and this is demonstrated by the specialist work that we do and by the support we give to various relevant community and charity initiatives. At the first meeting, our specialist team will work with you to identify your concerns and priorities and will advise as to a robust strategy to obtain the best possible outcomes for you and your children. We will also introduce you to our children and family support service, which can help effectively with everything from identifying a third party to assist with your case, to suggesting a list of books to help you and your children cope with a separation or divorce.

Our Child Law Services

Arrangements for Children

Issues involving your children are often the most difficult matters for clients and naturally involve high emotion.  At McAlister Family Law, we are totally objective, professional and focused.

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Child Maintenance: Financial support for children

A highly complex area of the law, it is essential that advice is sought very early on, as to under or over pay could have a significant impact on your case.  The McAlister Family Law team have years of experience advising on all aspects of child maintenance issues.

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Grandparents' Rights

The McAlister Family Law Children team helps Grandparents to understand their Grandparents’ rights and maintain contact with their Grandchildren following divorce, separation or other family estrangement.

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Step Parents' Rights

The McAlister family and child law team are experts in helping modern families, this includes Step Parent’s rights. When relationships end, new ones start, and it is acknowledged that coming into a new relationship where a new partner has children of their own, or even introducing your own children to another partner, can be a daunting task. 

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Travelling Abroad with a Child

Planning a family holiday for you and your children is one of the most exciting times for a parent. Many do not realise that if you are separated from the children’s mother or father that you simply cannot take the children abroad, you will need the other parents consent to travel.

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Surrogacy in the UK

Starting a family is a delightful, wonderful and memorable process. The McAlister Family Law team have years of experience in advising parents in relation to both UK and international surrogacies.

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Fertility and Private Donation

The McAlister Family Law Team are experts in alternative families and fertility law advice.  Our experts have unique experience of donor conception and co-parenting arrangements, having worked with hundreds of families, both those being created and families in dispute.

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Child Adoption

Adopting a child can be a challenging but rewarding experience, as you will be offering a home and become the legal parent of a child, who may be unable to live with its birth parents.

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Child Relocation

McAlister Family law has a dedicated children department who are experts in child relocation and international cases involving children. Liz Cowell is a member of the international academy of family lawyers and Chris Fairhurst has the Law Society advanced children law accreditation.

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Child Abduction

At McAlister Family Law we have the Children Law Specialists with the expertise to help you in preventing and dealing with Parental Child Abduction, as well as assisting when a parent is looking to relocate with their child within the United Kingdom or to another country.

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Child Care Proceedings

Every local authority has a duty to make sure that children are safe and protected from harm. If social services are worried about your child’s welfare and are thinking about starting court proceedings, it is vital that you obtain legal advice as soon as possible.

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Child Law - FAQs

The McAlister Family Law team answers some of the most frequently asked questions surrounding the topic of Child Law 19/09/2018 12:12

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our Child Law services

Nurturing children

The welfare of the child is of paramount importance when considering children related disputes, so our experts make sure that children are at the centre of all we do. Our team can advise on:

Protecting children

Sometimes specialist intervention is required to ensure that children are protected. We specialise in all child protection law including:

Making Children

Our specialist team help to create families and make your dreams a reality. Having the opportunity to start or extend a family is one of the greatest decisions that you will ever make and as such it is crucial that the right expert help is sought. Our specialist team are experts in all aspects of fertility law and can advise on:


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