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International Family Law

Our international divorce and Family Lawyers advise on all cases with an international aspect.

McAlister Family Law has a dedicated International Family Law team which specializes in all aspects of cross border disputes.  Partner Liz Cowell is a member of the prestigious International Academy of Family Lawyers, and our team works with other independent lawyers across the globe to help resolve international Family Law disputes.

Our International Family Law Services

International Divorce and Expat Divorce

Many people now live international lives. They may move to another country for work, they may marry someone from another country and they may have assets in more than one country. All of these scenarios can make matters more complicated if your marriage ends.  The McAlister International Divorce and Children Law team has extensive experience in advising clients around the globe.

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Issuing International Divorce Proceedings

If you or your spouse are from the UK, or have links to England, then contact one of our specialist family lawyers who will advise you carefully as to whether you are entitled to divorce in England, then when required will guide you through the divorce process, assisting you to resolve financial and children matters as required.

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Child Relocation: Within and Outside the UK

McAlister Family law has a dedicated children department who are experts in child relocation and international cases involving children. Liz Cowell is a member of the international academy of family lawyers and many of our lawyers have the Law Society advanced children law accreditation.

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Travelling to South Africa with Children under 18

If you are separated and are planning on travelling to South Africa with children, then it is important that you know of the immigration rules which can prevent travel if they are not complied with.

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International Surrogacy

Many people look abroad to find a surrogate. If you are considering doing so, you should note that different countries deal with parenthood and surrogacy in different ways. 

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International Adoption

International adoption can be a complicated process both legally and procedurally.  McAlister Family Law has a specialist international children team who are highly experienced in advising families as to how to plan to adopt a child from overseas and will work with you on your adoption journey. 

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Prenup and Postnuptial Agreements

This is a fast-developing area of the law and an area where the McAlister Family Law team have a high level of experience. 

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International Child Abduction

At McAlister Family Law we have the Children Law Specialists with the expertise to help you in preventing and dealing with Parental Child Abduction, as well as assisting when a parent is looking to relocate with their child within the United Kingdom or to another country.

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All about

our international services

It is crucial to get timely advice on international family law issues not least because the outcomes in different countries can vary significantly.

International family law clients

Our international children and Family Law experts have represented clients from a vast number of countries and have helped to deliver life changing results.   Our lawyers draw on their specialist knowledge, transnational aids and worldwide contacts to advise a range of clients including

  • UK nationals living or working abroad
  • Foreign nationals living or working in England and Wales or considering moving to England and Wales
  • Foreign nationals living abroad who want to divorce in England and Wales
  • Parents whose children have been taken abroad without their consent
  • Parents who want to relocate abroad or who want to generate or enforce arrangements affecting their children
  • Parents seeking parental orders to deal with surrogacy or assisted reproduction
  • Foreign trustees, settlors, beneficiaries and family offices
  • Same sex couples seeking advice on their foreign marriage or civil partnership
  • Foreign lawyers

International divorce and expat divorce

If your marriage has come to an end and there is no prospect of a reconciliation, where to divorce should be one of your primary considerations. As an expat, it may be that more than one country or jurisdiction is available to you. Choosing the wrong jurisdiction for your case could have catastrophic consequences and it is paramount that specialist advice is sought. In addition to international and expat divorce our team also advise on:

  • jurisdiction disputes including advice on the most appropriate jurisdiction for divorce
  • recognition of foreign marriages and divorces
  • recognition of foreign/domestic civil partnerships and same-sex marriages
  • financial provision following a foreign divorce
  • enforcement of court orders abroad and foreign court orders in England and Wales
  • cohabitation agreements
  • pre and post nuptial agreements

International Children Law

Our specialist Child Law solicitors have a distinguished history of providing representation in international Child Law proceedings for all parties including local authorities, parents, children, CAFCASS, the Official Solicitor and international governments.

Our experts advice on all international Child Law issues relating to the international movement of children, whether international child abduction, a leave to remove application to take children permanently to live aboard, international surrogacy or adoption, forced marriage aboard, or vulnerable or trafficked children.

We also have expertise in urgent cases requiring injunctions, wardship and the inherent jurisdiction of the courts. We are regularly instructed in short notice cases where our specialists have sought emergency relief and protective measures, requiring a swift and appropriate response from the courts.


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