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Fixed Fees

A fixed fee arrangement is a funding solution which means that your costs are fixed from day one and the traditional hourly rate or “taxi meter” fee structure is taken away.

Is a fixed fee suitable for my case?

We will discuss the fixed fee payment option with you during our initial meeting, The advantages of fixed fees are:

  • They provide certainty about the costs that will be incurred and are ideal for clients who have a limited budget.
  • You pay for the outcome that you require, not the time taken by the lawyer
  • You will not receive monthly bills.  Just an invoice at the start and conclusion of your case.
  • Reduces anxiety as you can speak to your lawyer as and when required without worrying about “the clock ticking”.
  • There are some circumstances where hourly rates may be cheaper then a fixed free.  We will provide a cost comparison during the initial case assessment.

Fixed fee services

  • Fixed fee divorce
  • Fixed fee co-habitation agreement
  • Fixed fee separation agreement
  • Fixed fee pre-nuptial agreement
  • Fixed fee financial consent order
  • Fixed fee step parents rights agreement
  • Fixed fee children dispute packages

How and when is the fixed fee payed?

For all fixed fee work, we will send you an invoice for 50% of our fee (and any expenses) before we start our work, which will need to be paid before we start our work, and an invoice for the remaining 50% of our fee shortly prior to completion of our work, which will need to be paid before we complete our work.

Children Disputes Fixed Fee Packages

Disputes in relation to child law can be expensive and if you are on a tight budget or are looking for certainty in relation to how much your case will cost, then you may wish to take advantage of our children disputes fixed fee packages.

How much will it cost to resolve my children dispute with a fixed fee?

Our fixed fee package is £750 + VAT (£150) and court fee.

What is included?
  • Our children dispute fixed fee covers the preparation of an application for you and the steps up to, but not including the first court hearing.
  • Up to two hours work in taking your instructions, corresponding with your partner or solicitor.
  • Referral to mediation.
  • Drafting the court application on your behalf.
  • Service of the application upon your partner or their solicitor.
  • Providing advice in relation to the first court appointment.
What is not included in a children dispute fixed fee?
  • Attendance at court.  If you require us to attend court on your behalf then we will charge at an hourly rate or if you would prefer, we will agree a further fixed fee to cover the costs of the hearing.
  • Our fixed fee does not include any experts reports that may need to be commissioned.
  • Our fixed fee does not cover cases which proceed beyond the first court hearing.  If the case does progress beyond this then we will either charge an hourly rate or will discuss an alternative fixed fee arrangement.  You may also be interested in using our pay as you go service.

Fixed Fee Prenuptial Agreement Packages

A prenuptial agreement is a document in which a couple set out how their property, debts, income and other assets shall be divided should they get divorced in the future.  Our fixed fee pre-nuptial agreement package, is suitable for couples who have already reached an agreement and there are no complicated assets such as property or investments abroad.

How much is a fixed fee pre-nuptial agreement?

Our fixed fee price is £1,500 + VAT (£300).  Total £1,800.00.

What is included in a fixed fee pre-nuptial agreement?
  • Initial legal advice by consultation or detailed telephone call.
  • Legal advice on the implications of signing a Pre-Nuptial agreement.
  • Informing you of the financial information needed and drafting a Schedule setting out your respective financial positions.
  • Drafting the Pre-Nuptial / Post-Nuptial agreement to reflect the agreement you have reached with your partner.
  • Storage of the original document.

What is not included in a fixed fee pre-nuptial agreement?
  • Advice on what agreement you ought to make as that would be based on a detailed consideration of all your financial information, and may require reports from other professionals such as Accountants, financial advisors or pension actuaries.
  • Any work required to implement the terms of the Pre-Nuptial agreement for example transferring an interest in property.
  • Any negotiations if there is a disagreement.  In such circumstances, that work would be undertaken at an hourly rate (see our price guide).
  • Our fixed fee does not apply for agreements where a couple’s assets are worth more than £1m.

Fixed Fee Parental Responsibility Agreement Packages

In circumstances where a step parent is married to the child’s father or mother and the other parent provides written consent, a parental responsibility agreement can be prepared.  On acquiring parental responsibility, a step parent has the same obligations and responsibilities as a natural parent.

How much does it cost to obtain a step parent parental responsibility agreement?

Our fixed fee is £300 + VAT (£60)

What is included:
  • Legal advice on Parental Responsibility and how to get it.
  • Completing your Parental Responsibility application.
  • Legal advice on having your Parental Responsibility agreement document witnessed.
  • Corresponding with the Court and anyone with Parental Responsibility.
  • This agreement assumes that everything is agreed between the parties and that there is no need for further negotiations.

What is not included:
  • Any further court applications or attendance at court hearings. 

If you have any questions regarding our fixed fee service or wish to arrange a free, informal and no obligation consultation then McAlister Family Law on 0161 5077145 or by email

Fixed Fee Cohabitation Agreement Packages

If you are considering moving in together as an unmarried couple, you may wish to formalise the financial relationship between you, which can be achieved by way of a cohabitation agreement.

Whilst this is an exciting time for both parties, there can be serious financial ramifications if an agreement is not in place dealing with what should happen if you were to separate.  If you have already reached an agreement as to what would happen in such an eventuality, you would benefit from our fixed fee co-habitation agreement package.

How much does a fixed fee co-habitation agreement cost?

Our fixed fee is £750 + VAT (£150).  Total cost £900.00.

What is included in a fixed fee co-habitation agreement?
  • Meeting with you to discuss details of the proposed agreement
  • Obtaining office copies from the Land Registry in relation to the property if required.
  • Advising on matters to consider before formalizing the agreement
  • Drafting the agreement, forwarding to your partner and amending if required.
  • Executing the document and arranging storage on your behalf.

What is not included in a fixed fee co-habitation agreement?
  • Our fixed fee does not apply where there is no agreement from the outset.
  • If there is a dispute or further negotiations are required with your spouse or their legal representatives, then our fixed fee would no longer apply.  In such circumstances, we would either charge by our hourly rate or we would negotiate a revised fixed fee.

Fixed Fee Separation Agreement Packages

If you have separated from your spouse, are not yet ready for divorce and have reached an agreement as to how your financial assets are to be divided then you may wish to enter into a separation agreement.

On the basis that the agreement reached is uncontentious, then you may wish to take advantage of our fixed fee separation agreement package.

How much does a fixed fee separation agreement cost?

Our fixed fee is £750 + VAT (£150).  Total cost £900.00

What is included in a fixed fee separation agreement?
  • An initial meeting with one of our specialist solictors to discuss details of the proposed agreement.
  • Advising on matters to consider before finalizing the agreement
  • Informing you of what is required by way of financial disclosure
  • Advising in relation to your spouse’s financial disclosure and whether any concerns have been raised.
  • Preparing and approving the agreement
  • Arranging completion and storage of the agreement.

What is not included in a fixed fee separation agreement?
  • Our fixed fee will not apply where there is not agreement at the outset
  • Our fixed fee will not include on going negotiation if a dispute emerges which makes discussions more prolonged and protracted. In such circumstances, we would charge at our hourly rates or we could consider whether an alternative fixed fee arrangement would be suitable for you.

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